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Sewing Shirts with a Perfect Fit by David Page Coffin


I saw a copy of this come up for review last year but I did not try to get it then because I was nowhere close to sewing a shirt. In 2018 though, I did take a basic sewing course and then followed that up by taking apart a shirt of my husband’s that he wanted to throw away and using another fabric to replicate the process along with youtube. I thought it would be as simple as putting together a jigsaw with all the required pieces but it was not. I did manage to get it together and for the past four months I have postponed sewing on the buttons so it just lies unheeded. This last bit was for comic effect.

I then saw this book(again) and requested it this time because I thought I would have a deeper understanding of what it would convey and for the brief period that I would have the advance review copy with me, I would be able to put it to some use. I did not do the last bit but I think it is a very comprehensive collection of instructions. It is definitely not for someone who has never sewn before since it deals more with the finer points of how to actually make garments and in particular shirts. There are detailed patterns included including some helpful tips to get the shaping just right. If I did intend to make shirts on a regular basis,I would turn to this book for advice.It is helpfully divided into different types of shirts in terms of fit and what their differences are. There are draping instructions as well as detailed pictures of the pinning of the parts of the project on a dummy model. There are also projects for each type and would keep someone interested in this very, very busy for quite a while!

Affiliated link if you want to purchase the book:Book Depository

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