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Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


This book was everywhere the past year or two. It did release in 2016 but seems to have an online presence at some point or the other every following year. I guess this year I am contributing to that!

I was interested in the book because I read the Wayward Pines (also by this author)books before I realised it was a series and really enjoyed it. I used to stick to my comfort zone before and immediately after I began this blog because I felt I would have a more accurate recommendation given that I am used to a particular genre and know what to expect from it. With the passing of time, I realised that any book if interesting enough can be the one that would introduce me to a whole new genre. Wayward Pines was one such series(I was not rating on Goodreads when I read them so maybe at some point I will reread them) and I went into this one with high expectations because of that. I did enjoy this book but I think I liked that series better.

This is the story of a man who had a very promising future but married a woman with an equally dazzling one ,however both decided to ‘settle’ to take care of their boy. The man,Jason is now teaching at a college when he should have been writing papers and getting awards. His wife Dani should have been throwing Art exhibitions and being the toast of the town. They say they are happy with the life they have chosen but Jason is shown what could have been and now he has to decide what he will do with this discovery and which ‘world’ is his reality. There is a lot of what ifs dealt with here but it is a surprisingly quick read which may get you thinking.

I enjoyed the pace and the people introduced to us in the tale and would read more of the author’s works.

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