Deadly Recall By T.R.Ragan


Narrator: Kate Rudd

I reviewed the last book of the series here:Her Last Day (Jessie Cole #1) by T.R Ragan and this is building up to be a very thrilling series. This book has its moments but is for the most part a very efficient filler between the last book’s revelations and the chaos predicted in the next one’s blurb (I only read the next blurb when I finished this book).

Jessie is a private investigator with a cop boyfriend, her niece to take care of and in this one, a new assistant, someone we know from the first book. I highly recommend going in order because otherwise any odd book might seem too random to enjoy appropriately.

At the end of the first installment, we had a resolution to the cold case that was Jessie Cole’s sister, her relationships were starting to get better. Ben on the other hand is getting worse, the images in his head are getting more violent and more frequent. He is desperate for the truth while we are informed in no uncertain terms that he (and us) will not like what we find out. There are at least two(or more) other ongoing investigations which are more or less background noise while we watch Ben struggle. I liked the pace and the narration(as usual, excellent by narrator Kate Rudd) but without the previous part bolstering this up, I would not have liked it as much as I did. I look forward to the next one in the series which I have already added on to my KU list.

My last Kindle unlimited review was : A Merciful Fate (Mercy Kilpatrick #5) by Kendra Elliot

My queue looks different because although I found The Night Crossing interestingly unique, I was not in a mood for a story like that. I jumped ahead of it a couple of times and finally abandoned it for other options. it now looks like this:

42409735   39289237  36318991 36044873 38314066 The Beantown Girls 36391334 29806086 Deranged (Jessie Cole, #3) 31184479


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