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Please Don’t Feed the Mayor by Sue Pethick

I was a little surprised at how this story turned out. The title and the cover indicated a more frivolous attitude than the actual content.I am not denying the lightheartedness of the book but pointing out the fact that it was more than just that. There is an epilogue of sorts at the end which clarifies the tag line which was pretty fascinating to read about.

This is the story of a small town, its importance indicated quite apparent within the first paragraph itself. Melanie MacDonald gave up a lot to move back to her hometown and is trying to bring back a shine to the place. It has been her on her mind constantly and an odd TV segment gives her an inspiration. She holds a town meeting and suggests a gimmick that just might work. They would elect her dog as the Mayor of their town! People would come from far and wide to see the sight and this would increase revenue and might attract potentially interested people (to move there), at least this becomes the dream. The technicalities of the process do not feature very predominantly in this enthusiastic woman’s mind who just wants to jump headlong into unplanned ‘doing’. Her Ex with his own troubles , ends up chipping in with the details that make up a plan and they all set out to get the plan into action. I know it might sound a little silly, but the people endeared themselves to me and I was fully invested in this crazy plan and Shep(the dog) was fun to follow. It has its fast paced moments but more along the lines of the lighter comedy movies where the bad guy’s (oh yes, there is a proper bad guy in the story) manhandled into losing. Neither main character is perfect but they are realistic in recognising flaws, even ones they cannot really fix.

I am rating this book more due to my overall reaction before and after reading. Thinking (post reading, before writing this review) about the random things that happen in it, just made me smile and this rarely happens!

This book is set to release on the 26th. I received a copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely my personal opinion.

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      1. 😀 I am more of a cat person. 😺 I think there are a couple of catty books out there. Except Street cat blues, I haven’t come across any.


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