Drama, Mystery

Fallen Mountains by Kimi Cunningham Grant

I have not been in the mood to write reviews the past couple of days but I think I have the mood back and it might just improve as I go deeper into the post. It does not reflect badly on the books that I did read in the meantime, just that I have finally had a full week of me actually doing exercise, this included cycling,swimming, walking and badminton! This is an extremely rare occurrence and it does take a lot of time to recuperate 😀


Sometimes, a book cover indicates its contents to the reader in a very accurate manner and this book’s cover does exactly that.When I saw it first it felt like it would be a very atmospheric read filled with physical distances between people and stars in the night sky. I was more than happy(in a sense of the word) to encounter all that and more within its pages.

This is not exactly a happy book, but gritty and real. Red has been Sheriff of the town for a long time and planning to turn in his resignation any day at the start of the tale. Then a worried girlfriend contacts him to look for Transom. Now we go deeper into the paths that Transom has taken through the town and the lives of all the people he came in contact with. They are all now brought to the forefront one after another and displayed to us as possible suspects and considering how life and Transom has dealt with each one, you feel a strange form of sympathy towards all of them!

The background of the town and their struggling economy is painted in stark colours and the ending is surprising in its own way. Once the story got going, I did not expect to be satisfied with the outcome but ultimately I was. This is a comparatively small book, and barring a few repetitions, concise. I liked the narration and the ability of the author to make us acquainted with the character of the people and not just their daily lives.

I received an advance copy thanks to the publishers and NetGalley, the review is all my own opinion.

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