Young Adult/Children

The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown

The first thing that hits you when you start reading this book is how refreshing the narration is. Although the story begins at a funeral, there is a clear indication of the level of intelligence of our lead character (and a twisted sense of cynical humour).

Sydney’s father died in an accident and she is mourning him in a completely unhelpful way. The better part of the book consists of different stages of her grief which may not be textbook. Her father would have known how to deal with the situation since he was the local psychiatrist, but he is no longer around. The book may be targeted at young adults, but it deals with grief and trauma in a way that would appeal to anyone who can empathize/sympathize with the situation. To make matters worse for Sydney, her suspicions of foul play with regards to her father get compounded by some unexpected things and one of them lead to a new friend (of sorts). I do not want to reveal any more information because each character is introduced in an equally interesting fashion which helps the reading experience. The one thing I would like to mention for when you read the book (or those who already have), is the attitude Sydney has in the beginning of her current ‘best friend’. The differences between the two has made their relationship seem a certain way to her and she is sure she is right. The maturity of that thought seemed very realistic to me when push came to shove as well as the dynamics with her mother.There is a bit of suspense which is brought into the forefront every other chapter but for the most part it sticks around like a background score.

It may seem slightly slower in parts but it is mostly fast paced and well written.

I received a copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is all my own. The book releases on the 7th of March.

Affiliate link to purchase: Book Depository

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