The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


This is probably an unpopular opinion considering the glowing reviews that this book repeatedly receives on some blog or the other. The cover and the idea is beautiful, and when I started reading it I realised I must have read it in the past. I recognised parts and knew the route the story would take till a certain point. This meant I stopped reading it/gave up on it before and this coupled with the fact I did not remember having done so did not bode well for my reading experience.

This time however I wanted to see this through. I loved the idea of the circus, the imagery but the story took its time getting to the point for me. We are introduced to two children, each in an unhappy situation when two men use them as pawns in a challenge between them. We learn more about the challenge at the same time as the leading pair. This was probably the thing that held me back from enjoying it. The circus is a central point that we keep coming back to with regards the challenge. The idea behind all the tents, the concept of the circus itself was fascinating and just for this magic possibility, I am glad I read the book in its entirety.

I need to mention again that this book filled with emotions, secrets and magic appeals to the majority of readers and has a high rating on goodreads especially for the number of people who have rated it. Do give it a shot if the idea intrigues you!

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