Romance, Thriller

Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts

I have been reading a lot the past couple of days even if my blogging does not necessarily reflect that. I often noticed other people talk about the time they would give between reading a book and discussing its review online and wondered at it since I usually just feel like putting up the review immediately while the thoughts are swirling. Then I noticed a significant drop in the quality of my post if I was not in the ‘mood’ for it. That said I decided to only write when I felt like it (read: not be lazy). This means that I now have quite a few reviews to churn out and I will not bore you by getting them out all at one go, but pace it in such a way that it might be interesting or even helpful if you are looking for a new/old but still interesting book to pick up this weekend to read. First up is an old favourite (author wise)


In the years 2012-2013 I read my largest chunk of Nora Roberts’ books. I had easy access to them and most of them were large enough or were a trilogy of some sort. This kept me occupied and happy for long periods of time and that was always a welcome situation. I have only read and reviewed a couple of her books here on the blog.

My library it turned out has a list of books they recently purchased that can be sorted by publication date and through that page I found a decently (for the author) rated book which was available so I went ahead and borrowed it.

If you have never tried the author before (which would be a strange situation since she has written a huge number of books), then you should know that her books usually feature a dramatic situation with strong women and an evil that is fought with and triumphed towards the end (This is not a spoiler)

The situation in this book is a random shooting in a mall and its theatre. The book then follows decades of some the people caught with the web that that one event began. It had all the hallmarks of the usual staple barring a few repetitive dialogues/statements the likes of which I do not remember encountering before in other books. It was a solid read and depicts a form of survivor’s guilt as well as the mind of a psycho who is revealed to us in the beginning itself. The fans of the author would enjoy it more than others and if I had not become bothered by the same dialogues I spotted too often, I would have given it four stars but I did and still liked the tale so I decided on the current rating. I would recommend checking this out on a day when you need a break from your daily reading/work. It is a reasonably quick read and has its moments!

Affiliate link to purchase the book: Book Depository


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