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Murder Once Removed (Ancestry Detective #1) by S.C. Perkins


This book is still available for request till 19th of March (Its publication date) and I have linked back the cover to NetGalley if you are interested.

I am a sucker for genealogical mysteries as previous reviews would show. Although this is a technically lighter story. It is more of a cozy mystery with all that the tag signifies, friendships, possible romance and some very good luck along with an intelligent leading lady. Since I expected it to fit the mould and carry my love of family history being tied up in a mystery as well as some well done light writing, I enjoyed the experience significantly. Lucy is a genealogist who likes the investigative part of her job.

Lucy has just stumbled on something that a 70+ magnate of Texas did not really expect her to find, an answer to a centuries old question. Lucy is thrust into the limelight with this discovery and then chaos breaks loose as an almost direct consequence. There is an interesting FBI agent, some close friends and banter  and mexican food with an amazing father like cook,all playing a role in the solving of the case (which she should not be trying to solve anyway). I liked all the people they introduced to us and I specifically enjoyed the writing. It was just what I needed today and I read it in one sitting. I even look forward to meeting Lucy again.

I received a copy thanks to the publishers and NetGalley but the review is all my own opinion.

Affiliate link to purchase the book: Book Depository

For Genealogical Mysteries of a different (more serious) caliber do check out my review of :

Letters from the Dead (Jefferson Tayte Genealogical Mystery #7) by Steve Robinson  and others of the series linked in the post.


7 thoughts on “Murder Once Removed (Ancestry Detective #1) by S.C. Perkins”

      1. 😀😀 there’s another Cozy mystery in which the cat is actually a magician. Some experiment gone wrong and he couldn’t turn himself back into a human being.

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      2. Haha .. Did u like it? There is another entire series where the cats help the detective with the solutions by using books in the library! A long named author …Lsomething Baker , I’ll check when I go to the library next time


      3. Yes, I read the first book in the series and I was good. It’s available on Kindle unlimited. The first book is titled – curiosity killed the cat.

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