Children's fiction

The Swish of the Curtain (Blue Door #1) by Pamela Brown


There was only one main reason why I downloaded a copy of this book from Edelweiss+, and that was to satisfy my curiosity if this was a book I read almost two decades(a little lesser than that but I thought it sounded better than 1.5 decades) ago from British Council Library in my city. I remembered only one scene quite clearly, the scene where Lyn acts as Juliet (any more details would act a spoiler). I had to read that scene almost midway into the book before I could be sure that it was the case. This added to my experience of reading this book. The story spans multiple school terms of a bunch of children in a small town.

This is an interesting story written by a teenager (this was new information to me) and published in 1941. Giving allowances for the cultural norms which the children and adults held themselves up to, it is interesting to see a like minded group of individuals (conveniently) with varying skills that they then employ to put together multiple dramas/plays/pantomimes and build a theatre from an empty room. The seven children are portrayed with varying qualities and overall it is a fun read, even more so for those who might have read it as children themselves!

The paperback version is being re-published on 12th March

Affiliate link to purchase : Book Depository

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