Chick lit

A Vintage Summer by Cathy Bramley

I have not been happy with the quality of the reviews that I have been churning out recently. I do not feel like they are conveying exactly as much as I want to which is pretty much the point of talking about books/reviewing them.

I am going to start trying harder or smarter whichever works in the scenario and hopefully you will notice a slight difference with each of the following reviews.

I have been reading a lot of books recently that fall under this genre. The advancement of the leading lady with an encouraging support staff is a standard formula but how well it is written and carried out as well as the uniqueness of the background make or break a tale.

This story has the good writing and supporting cast and background are pretty unique. We meet a countryside girl transplanted in London who has found a tiny corner where she can breathe and earn a little while she supports her boyfriend’s dreams. When she finally sees the situation with clarity a change is in order and one thing leads to another (this is the first quarter of the story still) and she ends up managing a vineyard, learning on the go. This is when things get more interesting. I like the zeal with which Lottie embarks on her new found career and all the changes she implements. The team works well and individually benefits from the changes that occur. A lot of things happen after and that is the major chunk of the story.

I liked the story but would have liked it even more if the entire thing could have been broken into two parts. I know that the stretch of the story spans around six months(approximately) including the epilogue but if it had been paced slower and with three months in one book and a sequel with the second half. Each part with a little more detail (yes, for once I am asking for more pages) would have felt easier to enjoy. I just felt rushed by all the activity and despite slowing down my read it still felt fast paced. If it was not for that one thing, I would rate this book higher!I highly recommend this to fans of the genre.

I received a copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is all my own opinion.


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