Clock Dance by Anne Tyler


I remember seeing a lot of interesting reviews for this book last year and the year before that and when I saw it on my library’s recently procured list, I reserved it immediately.

It is a very quick read for a book of its size and simple in its message. It is about the life of Willa Drake. We encounter her at two stages of her life before the actual story begins to give us a picture of her past and what makes her tick. The main part focuses on her rushing to the aid of someone who is not really connected to her. This opens up different avenues for her and she starts to feel differently from her status quo. It was an interesting story and well written (I know I say this often but it’s true!) and probably resonate more with someone closer to the time period or age that Willa belongs to. Towards the end and at the culmination of the tale, it is supposed to be a change for the positive but I felt the emotion was closer to disheartening considering how the people around her continue to treat her (for the most part since there were nicer people thrown into the mix). There is a quirky almost-adult child and her faithful sidekick (dog) who feature predominantly in the main section which makes the reading worth it.

I liked the setting of the main story and would have wanted to know and spend more time in that story instead of the first background part.On the whole I am glad I did give this a shot.

Affiliate link to purchase: Book Depository

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