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The Fifteen Wonders of Daniel Green by Erica Boyce

I am back!! Did you notice I was missing in action? I was still reading other people’s posts and liking them but I was neither reading nor writing rough drafts of my reviews in my head for the entirety of the last week. My parents and grandmother dropped by for a flying visit of six short days and this meant it was packed with activity not conducive to sitting in a corner reading one book after another. I did get myself up to date with all reviews I planned to originally get out for books releasing in March so I took a well needed break. Then before I sat down with this review, I pruned my NetGalley list and as it normally happens requested a lot more books! I hope they all do get approved but one after another so as to keep me happy.

I want to start off my post hiatus book reviews with an interesting one. This book is set to release on April 2nd and was pretty unique.( Book is available on NetGalley till April 2020, click on cover to be redirected )

The title of the book may be slightly misleading since Daniel is but a part of the whole picture. This story is more about a farming community in Vermont, USA. Daniel is part of a secret group of people who make crop circles in farms (with permission) for various reasons. It may seem a trivial thing to do but the narration by the author takes the situation to a whole new level.

The chapters shift between the first person narration of three important people: Molly the wife of a dying farmer(Sam), her daughter Nessa and Daniel. Each of these people are dealt with in-depth, their insecurities and what makes them tick. In essence they are good people who mean no ill will towards anybody and in fact try to turn the burden of responsibility inwards at high costs. The story begins with Daniel taking the job but Sam’s decline causes a lot of unforeseen circumstances. If you are looking for a tale with an end point of some sort, this is not for you. It has more of a lingering effect.

Before I praise it any further I ought to mention the one thing that reduced the mood for me. There were too many instances contradictory statements which are meant to be profound. They say things without saying them like maybe and maybe not or yes and no simultaneously.Even before I read the book I realised last month that I was doing a lot of it myself and since I noticed it, it was on my mind and seeing it used in too many crucial stages in the story dampened a tiny bit of my enthusiasm. It does add to the ambience in the beginning but after a point it bothered me. It was not a very big sticking point and neither is the convenient finish since I shed a lot of tears with the last reconciliation bits where people start to reflect more truthfully about themselves. All the people introduced to us are likable (to the extent they are meant to be) and quite realistic, flaws and all.

This was an enjoyable read and I highly recommend this to those people who like reading about different settings and look for interestingly troubled characters.

I received an advance copy thanks to the publishers and NetGalley but this has not affected my review in any way.

Affiliated link to purchase the book: Book Depository

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