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Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes (The Sandman #1) by Neil Gaiman

Illustrators :Malcolm Jones III,Mike Dringenberg, Sam Kieth


This is definitely not my usual fare( so people who are more involved with this series will probably have to pardon my naiviety when it comes to reviewing it) but when I saw it a little while ago as available on KU, I had to give it a shot. There will not be many people out there being even remotely familiar with Neil Gaiman’s work and not having heard of ‘The Sandman’. I did not know its content or even that it was a graphic comic till I stumbled on it but I had heard the name before.

I used to read comics when I was a kid but those were simplistic with a four or six panel page with easy navigation unlike these more unique narrations. Kindle does help by providing a way to swipe panel by panel instead of page by page but at the speed I read I was starting to feel a little dizzy so I let it be and read it as a whole page. This volume consists of several stories of the trapping of the Sandman over many, many years and the repercussions of that action. Once released he sets out on a quest of his own. This second part was more interesting. Each section is its own story and title. The last part which involved a little twist thrown out for our enjoyment worked well. It was not something I would have expected, it was well done.

There are gory scenes and a few I wish I could forget just for my own peace of mind, but I will eventually move on to a happier book and not think of it. They are not bad enough to stir people who like this genre. Then again, people who specifically read this genre would have read this book by now. The storyline and the dialogues were unique and witty (something associated with the author even now). This was a special edition for its thirtieth anniversary and if you are remotely like the idea of reading about a semi-vengeful man of dreams and those who try to thwart him in his quest you should check it out!

I went ahead and loaded the second volume on to the queue. Only the third is available on KU, anything beyond would have to be a purchase or maybe I will hunt out actual physical copies to satisfy my curiosity.

I have added a few other eagerly anticipated sequels to my list, do check out the goodreads blurbs that the cover pages lead back to if any look interesting.

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P.S: I have started Debris line as audiobook already and it is pretty interesting, I am excited for the upcoming month.

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