Debris Line (Gibson Vaughn #4) by Matthew FitzSimmons

This is the fourth in the series but I have only reviewed the last two books on this blog, you can follow the cover page back to the full review

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Narrator: James Patrick Cronin

The best part about this fourth installment is that if you are looking for an interesting team effort on the run to make the best of a terrible situation, with multiple morally questionable options you can read this one as a standalone. Isolated on a tourist location in Portugal, this entire escapade can be its own story without the intervention of past crimes and misadventures.

Gibson Vaughn is in hiding. A lot has happened to him over the years making him a wanted man. His friends are with him, two out of necessity and one just for a sort of moral support. They are being sheltered by the local mob boss, a situation which is not making anyone too happy. We have two narrators, Jen and Gibson although Gibson is the primary narrator. There is a daring hijack carried out and the Americans are asked to help. There are levels of deception at play here and while a lot of it is revealed early on, a few are not. The bond between the people was pretty interesting to watch (I only have fleeting recollections of how they all ended up together and I still liked hearing the bits and pieces given to us so anyone just entering the series should as well)

I look forward to seeing how the villains they encounter here resurface in the next book.

It is fast paced and did not feel long and I heard it as part of my KU list and the last review I did was of Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes (The Sandman #1) by Neil Gaiman.I replaced this book with the next in the Morgan Dane series which as usual I have high expectations from.

36044873 38314066   29806086 Deranged (Jessie Cole, #3) 31184479 10155 41437390 40546106 42800685 Secrets Never Die (Morgan Dane #5)

Affiliated links to purchase the Gibson Vaughn series (the first is the best book)

  1. The Short Drop
  2. Poison Feather
  3. Cold Harbor
  4. Debris Line


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