Bird Box by Josh Malerman


One of the main reasons I picked this book up was because I have been browsing past the movie on Netflix for a while now. They may not seem to be related but the fact that it was a book came to my attention about the time I spotted it in the suggestions on my queue on NetFlix and it felt a little unfair to go in blind (the trailer not counting towards adding to information and I did not mean to make it a pun, it just so happened)

To give further background, I found out much, much after I started watching English Romcoms that they all had a root in books somewhere and while most of them were well taken, I might have preferred to read it in the original format just to make an informed decision (I am all for making informed decisions recently). This led me to wanting to read the book before the movie in the case of Bird Box. The one thing I learnt from the reading experience was I am not wired to enjoy books like this and maybe I was meant to watch the movie just to get the feel of looking over my shoulder, or in this case listening.

As everyone would know by now, this dystopian situation is caused by something lurking in the shadows which seems to drive people to want to kill themselves. This is the story of one woman who has survived years on her own and two halves of her tale. The past when it all began and how she came to be where the current story begins and the current deadly plan she is implementing. The chapters move between the two times, sometimes seamlessly and sometimes not but overall was a pretty short read. It is well written and sows doubt into your mind but I was left wanting more after the ending. I just noticed on Goodreads that there may be a sequel coming soon and if that is the case, I will definitely read it in order to get closure.

Affiliated link to purchase the book if interested: Book Depository

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