Murder Theory (The Naturalist #3) by Andrew Mayne


  • Narrated by: Will Damron

Dr. Theo Cray is back! I remember really enjoying the first book and although I liked the second one this particular one was more interesting.

I have reviewed the previous two books on the blog before:(Do check these out before proceeding because a look back at them made me happy about the way I had written them)

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Theo is now a very accessible character to us, we have seen him struggle through multiple situations where he went against the tide with only his conscience for comfort. He is being used by the Government in covert operations where his data computation can provide a clearer picture to them. He is called under suspicious circumstances to consult for the FBI and while they do not get along well initially, well..they continue to bump heads throughout and it only gets worse. Theo is learning though, and we with him as to how to deal with people who constantly either underestimate or misunderstand him. There were situations amidst harrowing ones that made me actually chuckle.

The concept which the killer is supposedly using is so out of the world that is seems perfectly possible in our current political scenarios world wide. He faces hard choices but has no time to do anything but go with his gut. It is fast paced, narrated exceedingly well and overall time well spent, especially if you are looking for a well written, well narrated thriller.

My KU list now looks like this, although the last bit is sort of cheating since T.E.Kinsey’s book is out on April 18th. I know for sure that I will drop everything else I am doing to catch up with Lady Hardcastle and her lovely Friend Flo.

My last KU review( just an hour ago) was: Cold Dark Places (Cady Maddix Mystery #1) by Kylie Brant

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