Chick lit

The Ticket to Happiness by Faith Bleasdale

The premise of this tale is interesting, a family caring for a large home which doubles as a hotel and animal sanctuary and a few other things to top it all off. The Singer family is large and three of the four siblings have found their happily ever afters by the time this book comes around.This is not the first book of the series, something I think hampered my ability to connect with the emotions required for the tale.

This installment is about Pippa, the youngest of the siblings who has had a few hard years and may finally be looking forward to settling down. The day-to-day working of the family and their dynamics made it fun to read. Brooke is an American who books herself into the hotel for an extended period and starts to become a part of their lives. The storyline could have been shorter and I would have loved the book. I realized the twist that was to come too much in advance and I just kept waiting for it to happen. The problem with the length was that certain dialogues, scenarios repeated themselves a few times. It is a good book with heartwarming people but left me a little impatient.

I recommend this to people who like reading this genre and to first check out the other sibling’s stories before picking this one up.

I received an ARC thanks to the publishers and NetGalley but the review is all my own.

Affiliated link to purchase: Book Depository

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