Historical fiction, Mystery

The Egyptian Antiquities Murder (High Society Lady Detective #3) by Sara Rosett


I reviewed the previous two books of the series here:

Murder at Archly Manor (High Society Lady Detective #1) Murder at Blackburn Hall (High Society Lady Detective Book 2)

I am still surprised that as of writing this review, there are still less than 500 ratings on these books. Considering how much I enjoyed the two (do check out the individual reviews when you click on the cover page), and the number of Cozy mystery fans out there, I am surprised there aren’t more!

This third installment had its good moments but for me did not match up to the fun I had with the previous two. It was pretty great in its own rights but with the expectations I had from it, it fell a little short but considering how it ended… I should start at the beginning, Olive is now being asked to solve mysteries thanks to the word of mouth praises that have gone around the more influential families in the country. This case is an intriguing one, it has to do with the obsession of the British (at that time) with Egyptology, mummies and everything else that is part of it, as the title and cover page would attest. There are rumours of a curse hanging over the Mulvern household and Olive is now a guest trying to untie multiple knots. It may be the conspicuous absence of Jasper or of the Inspector for the better part of the book that might have reduced my rating because once they came on the scene, with the interactions involved, it took my enthusiasm up a notch. It is not that I do not like Olive and her steady methods of deduction but it gets funny and things seem to happen faster when people that she bandies words with, come into the scene. Once again I did not completely guess the culprit and did not feel like it either and only let the story take me on its way. This as always is something of a treat. There are hints that the next book might have everyone under one roof from the beginning and I cannot wait for that to happen!

Overall a pretty good addition to the series and it releases on the 15th of this month, do check this series out and let me know if you like it as much as I do. Read it in order because of the gradual bonding that it allows with recurring characters.

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