Call Me Evie by J. P. Pomare


I should start this review by saying that there were parts of this that I did not see coming. It is a relatively short read and packs a lot into that little book. We have one unreliable narrator who is trapped in a house with a man we only know by the name of ‘Jim’ and things seem very dire. There are flashbacks of sorts to let us know the kind of life ‘Evie’ led before ending up in this place. As more information is revealed, things start to get clearer.

The ambience and the tone of the narration keeps you guessing about what the situation might be and for readers of the genre, this may hold a few surprises. There are very few characters introduced to us and this reduces the possibilities of who might actually be in the wrong. Some of the situations seemed too impossible with regards to how the neighbours react and the fact that I guessed part of the ending are the only reasons I do not rate it higher.

I know this sounds like an abrupt review but the there is not much more that I can talk about a book like this without giving away unnecessary information with regards to who,where and what.

I received this as an ARC thanks to publishers and NetGalley but this review is all my own. 


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