Deranged (Jessie Cole #3) by T.R. Ragan


Narrator: Kate Rudd

I reviewed the last two book of this series, the cover pages link back to the individual reviews.

Her Last Day (Jessie Cole, #1) Deadly Recall (Jessie Cole, #2)

This third book picks up immediately after the last one, and as usual the narration is awesome. Jessica is struggling with unpaid bills and Ben is living in her office. She has no time for Colin and he for her because of piling cases and Jessica’s niece is asking for more independence. All of these things along with Ben’s situation makes for a very stressful surroundings. Each person contributes to the story and we get a piece of their mind. It is fast paced and by the time one reaches this book (if you go in order which I highly recommend doing) , there is a heavy emotional investment in the well-being of all concerned. This increases the stakes for us as well and overall keeps us glued hoping the resolution comes soon. The villainous voices that we are privy to also muddies the waters in trying to figure out how many killers are out there and which specific one has their on Jessie and her extended family.

I am once again reviewing two audiobooks back to back (presheduled) so my updated queue will be published with the next review.

My last KU review was Murder Theory (The Naturalist #3) by Andrew Mayne



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