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The Department of Sensitive Crimes (Detective Varg #1) by Alexander McCall Smith


I am a big fan of the author and his unique take on people and their relationships. That said, this new series based in Sweden is not off to a very great start. The main character is Ulf Vargas and although he is an interesting enough character I found some of the relationships he has with the other members of his team as a little uncomfortable.

My favourite team member was Erik, his affinity towards fishing and all the jokes that were associated with him obsession were lighthearted and funny. A lot of conversations had a few of the trademark deeper content and I chuckled a few times in every chapter but considering how emotionally attached I got with at least two other series’ by the same writer I felt a little let down.

It is a small book with a few extremely absurd cases and one or two clues left behind for possible continuation in the next book which I will try before making my mind up about the series itself. If you are familiar with the author and his style you should try and read this one but if not do try the Ladies detective agency or 44 Scotland Street first.

I received an ARC thanks to Edelwiess+ and the publishers but it has not impacted my review is completely honest.



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