The Night Bird (Frost Easton #1) by Brian Freeman


Narrator: Joe Barrett

I am always hunting for a series that I can listen using my Kindle Unlimited account because it eliminates the need to choose something to queue up next. It ensures more than a single week of listening.

This book was a pretty decent listen, especially since it lays a pretty good groundwork for a stable series. The narrator had a pretty great way of changing tones and the sing song voice that the villain uses was actually spooky! On the whole however, I felt the narrator was under used for this kind of story and they did not exactly gel that great together.

Moving on to the story itself, there were quite a few surprising turns. Even after guessing a few right, the rest just took me by surprise! There have been a spate of mysterious deaths in San Francisco that have one common denominator. Detective Frost is introduced to us along with his back story. He works tirelessly on this case and is almost sure about the possible suspect. Dr Frankie has her own suspicions about the person who might be behind these killings. The two of them work together in getting to the bottom of the case. There are characters in this story who are hard to digest easily because of their callousness. This comes with the territory of the thriller genre, and it is done in such a realistic fashion that they bother you. I have already queued the next book of the series.

My last KU audiobook review was Deranged (Jessie Cole #3) by T.R. Ragan. Have already started on the Lost World and loving the tone so far, any other book from the queue I should pay special attention to?

My queue now looks like this: (or will after I download Lady Hardcastle on the 18th):

 10155 41437390 40546106 42800685 Secrets Never Die (Morgan Dane #5) 40545956 42963079 39884814 40607585 33829105



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