Adventure, Sci Fi

The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle


  • Narrated by: Glen McCready

In my quest for listening to the most varied books that having a Kindle unlimited account gives me access to, I have been queuing up amazon ‘classics’ as one of the ten that rotate through my queue.

The narration was absolutely great and I think it was just this that brought the writing to life along with the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sarcasm and sprinkled humour amidst the story that is otherwise an adventure story.

A group of men set out to discover the truth behind one scientist’s assertion that the lost world of Dinosaurs exists in some pocket of South America. They set out and try to bring the best possible data back with them as they try to stay alive. This is an interesting read more because it shows the inherent superiority (their assumptions) of their civilization as opposed to something they are yet to even encounter/study. The strangest thing I found was the use of miles and Fahrenheit in the describing of distance and temperatures and dollars in currency. I am not sure if the original had the same units because that seems at odds with the placement of the story using European explorers. I am not sure if this was altered for an American audience. There are some thrilling moments and it is not a very big book. It had some trademark ‘cleverness’ in the tale itself and overall a pretty enjoyable read.

My last Audible/KU review was: The Night Bird (Frost Easton #1) by Brian Freeman and my queue now looks like this:

 41437390 40546106 42800685 Secrets Never Die (Morgan Dane #5) 40545956 42963079 39884814 40607585 33829105 17728412

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