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The Summer Retreat (Moonlight Harbor #3) by Sheila Roberts

My laptop finally got collected ( for replacement due to a hardware glitch)and now I am really having to slot writing my reviews whenever my husband decides to not work on his, which is a very small window. I could just wait and let my reviews pile up but that just is not my style nor is it writing on a smaller screen and an even tinier keyboard. If you (a regular reader) notices something odd and or different in the reviews blame it on the absence of my usual machine.


The writing and characters in this book were well fleshed out. Although we arrive at Moonlight harbor in its third installment we are well caught up with the goings on of the regulars in the series. These were all the plus points of the book. The story revolves around Celeste who moves in with her sister for the summer and contributes to the daily cleaning of the hotel that she runs in Moonlight Harbor.

Given the depth and the interesting sketch of the people introduced to us, it is disheartening to see that there is a single topic of conversation throughout. It is supposed to be a lighthearted book set in a cozy town and where people find their happily-ever-afters but that idea dominates every conversation and every chapter. I just felt like the characteristics of the women were overshadowed by the need to find Celeste a man ASAP. There are a few funny moments and good narration but I was not as invested as I usually am with such a scenario because the picture kept changing and some people had a fixed outlook which did not change despite multiple iterations of conversations.

Despite the entire previous paragraph, I still liked the book enough to recommend it those already reading this series since there were a lot of loose ends left in the book for possible future uses.

I received this copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but  this review is completely based on my own reading experience

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