Chick lit

Wildflower Park- 3&4

There was the strangest occurrence in relation to this book/series of novellas, unexpected but luckily in a good way. Intrigued yet? I reviewed the first two parts of this book( releasing soon as a complete unit): Wildflower Park 1 & 2.   If you see my previous reviews you would notice that for the most part,… Continue reading Wildflower Park- 3&4


Death at Hazel House by Betty Rowlands

I am always ready to start a new series, and cozy mysteries have their own allure. When I saw that this was the first of a series I was tempted to request and read it. This introduces Sukey who is a SOCO which translates to being a Scene of crime officer or the person who… Continue reading Death at Hazel House by Betty Rowlands