Death at Hazel House by Betty Rowlands


I am always ready to start a new series, and cozy mysteries have their own allure. When I saw that this was the first of a series I was tempted to request and read it.

This introduces Sukey who is a SOCO which translates to being a Scene of crime officer or the person who collects forensic evidence. Her dream was to be higher up the investigative chain but life got in the way and now she makes do with what she gets. It is an interesting position to be in and so was the basic plot line. There were multiple things going on simultaneously in the story and Sukey puts pieces in the lead investigator’s hands and while she gets into trouble herself she does not do much of the solving. This probably might change later down the series but at this point, she literally just collects the evidence either by coming to physical harm or noticing small things. The actual mystery itself is best approached blind for the best impact.

I liked the narration and the characters. It seems to be a good way to start a series, unfortunately, I guessed a lot of the twists and that took away a lot of the shock factor. I would recommend this to those familiar with the genre.

I received a copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers. It is still up for requesting (click on the cover page to be led back to NetGalley) but the review is completely based only on my reading experience

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