Adventure, Fantasy

Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders #3) by Robin Hobb


I reviewed the last two books of this series as well as the Farseer trilogy, do check out my previous reviews to get a clearer picture of what I think of the author on the whole.

Ship of Magic (Liveship Traders, #1) 6462121 

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It was a breathtaking finish to the series that I enjoyed even more than the last( not a popular opinion as many of you might be aware). There are so many secrets revealed in this book that I had to stop myself from gasping that all the hints that were scattered in the previous books could have led to this sort of conclusion!

We left all our lead protagonists in precarious situations in the previous installment, both in body and mind. They have all aged beyond their years caught in between both destiny and political machinations, not of their making. The women are all strong and band together like never before. The home city of Bingtown is in shambles and people are bridging divides to see peace resume in their lands. the Dragon has her own agenda as do the recently awakened liveships (awakened to newer prospects). This is Paragon’s story if it can be anybody’s. The serpents and the Vestrit family are the focus of most of the chapters and although I tire of repeated physical abuse in a lot of these stories, the rest of the battles were worth sticking around for.Any more revelations do not suit the tempo of the story and therefore I shall stop here.

It felt a little rushed despite how long the ending took to get there and although there was the satisfaction of seeing a worthy trilogy come to an end, I did not ‘feel’ with it as I did the previous two and just to give an idea of how much I liked the previous two, I gave this one only four stars(out of five)

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