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Wildflower Park- 3&4

There was the strangest occurrence in relation to this book/series of novellas, unexpected but luckily in a good way. Intrigued yet?

I reviewed the first two parts of this book( releasing soon as a complete unit): Wildflower Park 1 & 2.


If you see my previous reviews you would notice that for the most part, I did not bond with the characters. Anna, the leading lady seemed confused and was making her life more complicated by the day. Her friend Sophie’s relationship with her husband seemed completely berserk and unrealistic. I liked the relationships between a few of the other characters enough to stick with it and look forward to the next parts.

Starting this second half of the book with those prior notions, I was taken by surprise and realised I was not only chuckling with a lot of scenes, there were unexpected twists as well!. Anna gets her life back together as well as epiphanies about what she wants from it. Her meetings with Bert made her all the more endearing. Sophie and Dave get a little sensible about how relationships work and Hudson is always rushing to the rescue. Connor and Liam (also Anna’s entourage) did make interesting appearances. Now, these four separate bite-sized pieces of the book are being published as a complete book and I would recommend it based on the second half alone!

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