Children's fiction

Four Different Stories by Daniel Pinkwater

I am working my way through my backlist as and when I am up for it, and the first thing I tackled was this smaller children’s book that I had on my virtual shelf for a long time.

This would not work for too young kids as they would probably be more entertaining for the adults narrating it since there is subtle humour involved in the telling of the tales. There are four stories in it (as indicated so clearly on the cover page) and all of them are completely random, from each other and their content from how it begins. I found it funny even though I am obviously not its intended target.

There is a magical goose, a radio tooth, aliens and one slightly more profound book about a child finding his way which was of a different class than the other three. Overall a pretty engaging read for those who like reading this genre once in a while, I recommend giving this a shot!

I received this book as an ARC thanks to Netgalley and the publishers. The review is only based on my own reading experience.

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