Tinfoil Crowns by Erin Jones


As usual with books such as this, I need to state upfront that the amount of swearing usually tempers my enjoyment of reading a book and Fit cannot really communicate without it. This is the story of Fit who is an up and coming youtube star who documents every aspect of her life. There is troubled history with her mother and that is a large focus of the story.

The mother-daughter relation, her ties with her brother, grandfather, best friend are all interesting and could have been explored in greater depth than they were. We are talking of a young girl, still in high school becoming dependent on her online persona and the emotional bond that one has with each like and comment (most who read this would easily sympathize if not empathize). This is a heavily nuanced situation, as are the relationships I mentioned earlier. The ending seemed abrupt given how much we invest in hoping that Fit figures out the errors of her ways. Despite the lack of complete satisfaction on my part, I think it is a good book. It is worth reading for the subject matter and for the fast-paced narration.

I received a review copy from the publishers and NetGalley and it did not influence my review, which is based entirely on my own reading experience.

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