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Murder at Morrington Hall by Clara McKenna

I know I might seem to be on a sort of binge in terms of reading/publishing reviews. I have to say that the unexpected rains and the sudden drop of temperature in a place where the sun should have been high up in the sky have been conducive to sleeping and reading. This accompanied by the fact that I have not indulged in any of my ‘craftier’ hobbies since the beginning of the year means that my entire focus has been in keeping up with publishing dates. I am actually reading these books at a relatively moderate pace but considering that I haven’t clicked with too many books in the recent past, I am running out of things to say in these reviews. Has that ever happened to you?

Moving on to the next review on the list:

This book is still available for request till 31st of May, you can click on the cover to be redirected to NetGalley

If you have read any of my reviews or follow my blog to any extent, you will know that I nurse a fondness for stories set in this time and place of excess modesty, rules of decorum and a lot of other additional things. This is set in England in 1905 and I must start with the fact that this is a promising beginning to a series. I say this because I have a lot of practice reading such books and though the bones of it were good and the people reading seemed interesting enough, certain things were repeated too often to be brushed aside. The mystery itself was pretty well done, with enough clues thrown in.

Stella is making her first visit to England and her father (called daddy to differ from Lyndy’s father ‘papa’) has some business to conduct with the Earl who lives at Morrington Hall. A murder coincides with the arrival of the Americans into the fold of the native titled. I liked the fact that the Inspector in this story puts in a very correct and concentrated effort in gathering clues. Stella and Lyndy team up (it seems gradual and natural) to tie up things they deem as clues to the ultimate solution. As mentioned earlier, the discrepancies between the lifestyles of the two from both the countries were mentioned a little too often. I understood the historical context of such occurrences, but it distracted from the actual people’s characteristics. I think the ending was my favourite part of the tale and it bodes well for the next book in the series. I would actually like to read the next one if I get the chance. I recommend it to fans of the historical/cozy mystery scene.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.

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4 thoughts on “Murder at Morrington Hall by Clara McKenna”

  1. Do it, It will help supply likes and dislikes for the author for the next book! I actually would love to see where it goes. Unfortunately I just read /listened to Lady Hardcastle so there was a high bar!


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