Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah


Narrator : Lauren Ezzo

I have read quite a few reviews of this book in the blogging world earlier this year, and it is a testament to the skill of these reviewers that I still did not know what to expect when reading the book and parts of it took me by surprise.

This is the story of Ursa, she claims to be from another planet and needs to witness five miracles. Jo does not know what to make of this waif and the situation she finds herself in. She takes the expected route and contacts authorities but things do not go the way she plans. Jo finds a whole new life that summer and we get to watch it all happen.

As usual, the narration was pretty great. and the atmosphere of the rains, the surroundings of rural Illinois transports you to the location. There are some unexpected turns of events that jar that tone, but it is part of Ursa’s story. There is nothing more that I can say about the book with regards to its content except that the people are interesting. We have a variety of different characters with varying personality traits who all react differently to the same situation. Overall it was a pretty satisfying read/listen.

I am a member of kindle unlimited, and since I have an older kindle with audio, I tend to choose the books that come with accompanying narration for my queue which I keep updated.My Last KU review was : The Broken Circle: A Memoir of Escaping Afghanistan by Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller  and my queue now looks like this:

45421678 42800685  39884814 40607585 33829105 17728412 41183495 36565384 41082052 42445057

What do you think of my list?

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