Hazel and Holly by Sara C. Snider


This book reminded me immediately of The Winter Riddle by Sam Hooker. I have read a couple of others along these lines before but none other specifically came to my mind. I will elaborate shortly.

This is a hard book to recommend wholeheartedly. I almost did not give it my three stars but considering that I found certain parts of it enjoyable, I could not truthfully hold back. The story is over-the-top quirky/wacky. This is its strong suit, but there is too much of it. If the book was half its length I would have really liked it. Hazel and Holly are sisters, here it would have been better to keep their ages hidden because it made the upcoming romance a little hard to digest. Holly is overly cheerful but given their circumstances, the conversations they had seemed relatable and realistic. Hazel is intending to hunt out her father when an opportunistic invite comes their way and their adventure begins. They are joined by two brothers (also named with the letter H) and they set out into the world of Necromancers to hunt out the father who wronged them. There is a cellar gnome thrown into the mix who pops in for no other reason to be an annoyance to them and (sometimes) comic relief to us.

Necromancers and their treatment from the rest of the world was not something I got along with completely with either, their depravity is only explained in bits and pieces and even then I was not convinced they need the shunning that is given to them. I need to mention again, that I had fun in the very beginning but I would have enjoyed the experience more if the book was half the length. There was a lot of potential (even looking at it from a crooked lens since nothing about the storyline is supposed to be straightforward) but it did not achieve it, for me.

I received an ARC from NetGalley but the review is completely based on my own opinion.

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