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Happiness for Beginners by Carole Matthews

The book is still up for request on NetGalley till the 30th of May and I highly recommend doing so.

I remember seeing a lot of great reviews of this book when it was first published in February, this is a reprint edition that is coming out later this month and I am glad I got a chance to read the ARC, it did not alter my review in any way which is solely based on my own reading experience.

I do not know what to mention first when it comes to the book, the lovable people or the lovable animals. I feel like each animal could have had their own chapter and I would still not have been bored. I do not get along with all the narrative styles of authors of this genre, but from the first chapter, I was hooked. Unfortunately for me, I started it late at night and dinner and sleep (in succession) had me halting my reading for the day but I picked it up very early today and finished it before lunch. There were so many occasions that I laughed so hard that I had to explain myself to my husband even out of context and without prior knowledge he found the imagery funny! I spent the second half of the book in tears so I would not necessarily call it a comedy. Molly Baker (who introduces her charges before she talks about herself) runs a farm with a difference and she lets us watch her bring a whole new child into their fold. Things move smoothly enough till change threatens to darken their future and everyone has to band together.

Here I have to point out the use of the word anti-social. Anthony the Ram seems anti-social but Molly and her new ‘student’ Lucas use the word when they seem to mean asocial which is just a milder and personal choice. I do not know if it is just me who finds the difference critical but I do! Despite that bump along the way, I still loved every other aspect of the tale. People are unapologetically themselves even if we may not like their behaviour at times. The romance builds in a slow and interesting manner and the camaraderie between Lucas and Molly was the highlight of it all, apart from the amazing animals and their respective personalities. I would read another book with just their antics and humans at all. There is a lot of heart involved since the farm is known to be for ‘bewildered, damaged and troubled animals and humans’.

I highly recommend giving this book a shot if you are looking for something fun, happy as well as a tear-jerker. Just remember to keep a tissue ready.

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11 thoughts on “Happiness for Beginners by Carole Matthews”

      1. Did you see it’s based on a real rescue farm that works with disadvantaged & troubled young people? I love that, such a great idea and it must be as fun as the book version

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      2. I saw! That’s what made it all the more fascinating. It must feel so good to do something that worth while every day! 🤩I hope it inspires more people who can make a difference.. Someday maybe I’ll find a way to make a difference too

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