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Maddy Alone By Pamela Brown


I remember reading The Swish of the Curtain (Blue Door #1) by Pamela Brown when I was younger and the British Council library was a place I frequented. I never knew then, that there was still more to the tale of those kids. Their future is part of more books and I jumped at the chance of reading them.

Initially, I planned to work my way through them all and then review them together. This novella, however, is Maddy’s story and hers alone so it does not hurt to reserve a separate post for her. If you check out my review of the previous book, you will know that we were introduced to a whole gaggle of kids who conveniently had different skills and could contribute to a theatre troupe. In this installment, we learn what happens to Maddy when all the elder kids are off studying in the Dramatics school in London.  This length was perfect to enjoy the laidback story set in a different time and age, where different social norms ruled the lives of many. Maddy is chafing at being left behind and while she wallows in self-pity she ends up making a new friend who inadvertently leads her into having a very big adventure! There are fewer mentions of her being ‘fat’ in this one (she is a child!) but I am guessing the author must have been treated to or seen a version of this behaviour since she herself was a teenager at the time of writing these.

I liked it better than the first book in some ways because a lot happens, but it is easier to follow and easier to invest your emotions.

I received this as an ARC copy thanks to the publishers and Edelwiess+ but the review is completely my own opinion.

2 thoughts on “Maddy Alone By Pamela Brown”

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on the reviews! 😄It is a pretty great series..appeals to older me as much as it did to me when I was much younger . I hope you find them entertaining too!

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