Where The Story Starts by Imogen Clark

The book is up to request on NetGalley till the 18th of June 2019

Frankly speaking, I should not have liked the book as much as I did. I understood the storyline from the beginning, knew the events before they happened and generally not a fan of the topic being handled. Despite all of the above conditions, I liked the book, enough to give it four stars!

I do not know what to credit for this strange occurrence, but it might have been the four women of the tale. There are more strong women, but four of them are our main focus. Two women in the past and two in the present cross paths with intent on one side and no ulterior motives on the other. There are men in the story as well, but only a handful are worth talking about in terms of inherent goodness or even the proper behaviour, the others are what form the bones of the story. I do not want to say anything further regarding them, but if you are even remotely like me you will know what you are heading into few chapters in. The author has written well and drawn vivid enough characters to make that possibility very strong. I was not fond of the main ‘villain(s)’ of the piece, but I do not think we are meant to.

I recommend this to those people looking for a well-written piece of family drama, spanning multiple decades and two families.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience. 

Affiliate link to purchase: Book Depository

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