Historical fiction

Loving Liberty Levine by Colin Falconer


Angela Dawe (Narrator)

There are a couple of things about this book that reminded me of a Jeffery Archer I once read. I will not name names, in order to not ruin a couple of plot lines but if you have read as many of his books as I have I am sure you will understand the exact one I mean.

A few things left me a little uncomfortable for a long time through parts of the book since I saw the direction of the narrative and hoped against hope I was proved wrong, I was, but it left me a little unsettled. Despite these factors, I always enjoy a well-written saga. We watch the entry of Liberty(the daughter as well as the statue) into the lives of new immigrants into New York. We watch her grow into herself. Her mother Sara (It was fascinating to see the gradual changes of names when they became more Americanized themselves) has a secret that she struggles to live with but besides that one major point, she behaves like any other over-protective mother. She imagines a life for her daughter and sticks with the trajectory even when her daughter struggles to grow into her own beliefs.

The story is mostly about the ups and downs of their lives, everyone else is but a passing phase but they are still written in a very interesting fashion. Times change and no one is perfect, which makes for a good listen(since we get to hear a few personal thought processes). The narrator was good and I would recommend this to readers of this genre.

This was through my KU account and my last review was: The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms

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