Chick lit, Romance

Blow: A Love Story by Tracy Ewens

44641641This book is up for request on NetGalley till the 30th of Nov 2019

I pepper my reading with books like this for a boost because they usually have good writing and a happily ever after. I have followed this series for a while, not that I remember all the pairings but it jumps from place to place following the families and friends of the newest pair. The background varies vastly from one story to another and it is always immersive and interesting.

I like the author’s narrative style. The clever(/cheeky) bit about this book was that the main protagonist is Millie Hart who is a romance author herself. Since she is watching her own story unfold, she sometimes thinks about what the critics and book reviewers would say about her reactions to certain predicaments(keeping her in the position of the heroine), which in turn would overlap at least some of the reviews that actual author would get for the book making it a very self-reliant system! If you are familiar with the author or the series, you would know what to expect but love it all the same when it happens. Millie is trying to break away from her typical story and write something different but she has landed in the best place for her summer, a place which screams happily ever after. The other half of her story is Drake the glassblower who has heavy burdens of his own. Every trope in the possible romance of the two is hashed out in actual conversation which was fun to read because once again it serves dual purposes. There are good family members and a few bad ones, and a whole lot of light-hearted as well as heartfelt interactions between them all. The highlight of a chunk of the book is the respect or the lack thereof given to the genre as a whole and the idea that predictable outcomes do not necessarily mean sub-standard writing. This (as always with the backgrounds provided) adds the extra layer to the tale. I think the next story might be about the finishing industry if the hints provided are leading me the right way.

This book is set to release on the 18th of June. I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.


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