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Trophy Life by Lea Geller


I was in two minds about how to rate this book. On one hand, I enjoyed it and on the other, I kept mentally berating our leading lady Agnes for behaving in the fashion of a doormat. Some of the behaviour could be explained away, as she does(time and again) but the time it takes for her to come to her senses leads almost to the last page and there is very little of her actual transformation in this book. This is not a spoiler, as a book of its genre, the turning point had to happen. I would have liked the latter part of her life to have more pages dedicated to it.

Agnes is comfortable in her life, she merely exists. She flits from one expected routine to another and likes the fact that everything is preset to the last detail. Now, when her husband fails to turn up to their regular massage, she panics. Agnes realises that she has been so blinded by her life that she no longer knows how to live. Taking her daughter Grace on a cross-country road trip to a new job that she has very little qualifications for, Agnes decided to do something about her life. She slides back to just waiting every once in a while but she has friends and she is starting to find something wrong in the school. Her husband is not a likable character in any form or fashion. It is not the storyline itself that made me like the book but the actual writing. I think if I had read the same story written any other way I would not have liked it at all. There are some loopholes in the story but if you are looking for a cozy book to read on a rainy afternoon, this would do the job.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.

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