Historical fiction

The Beautiful Strangers by Camille Di Maio


Narrators: Jess Nahikian, Sarah Naughton

This is not really a story about anything in particular, if the scope had to be narrowed it can be called a story about a hotel in Coronado, Southern California. Multiple lives are tied to it and further details make up most of the story.

In the late 1800s, a woman is waiting for her husband to find her at the pre-decided meeting spot of the Hotel Del Coronado. As she waits her entire life and its weight bears down upon her. Parallely we watch a young woman chafing at the restraints of her narrow existence in San- Fransisco. At a slight nudge from her grandfather, she runs away to find a job on the island. She dreams of being part of the ‘Movies’ but reality sinks in as she is part of the filming of the movie ‘Some Like it Hot’. There is a thread of real history woven into this 1958 part of the story. We are taken through the decades and the changes in life and the norms in lifestyles and this makes up a bulk of the appeal of the story. The author ties it up neatly by listing the facts that she used which makes the entire thing all the more interesting. It is slightly slow but described vividly, making up for the pace. The reason I enjoyed the read was probably the narration and the people introduced to us over the span of the complete tale.

My last Kindle Unlimited review was: Wolfhunter River (Stillhouse Lake #3) by Rachel Caine. My queue now looks like this:

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