Historical fiction

One Enchanted Evening by Anton du Beke


I know nothing about the author, but if you follow my blog or even look back at my posts you will notice a preference for interesting historical fiction. Throw in some complicated characters with a lot of baggage and a few people with a heart of gold (and this case great affinity towards dance) and my day is made. I saw this book available as an advance review copy online but being swamped at the time, I managed to control myself (very surprising) and not request it. I was surprised to see it in the recently acquired section of my library online, something I did not know existed and thought I should give it a shot.

I am glad I did, the act of holding a hardcover copy as I watched so many people make their way in a 1930s London Hotel during a time of unsettled fears was interesting. We are introduced to a whole lot of different people, from different walks of life and in different roles within the functioning of one hotel. The mechanisms of the hotel itself make for a fascinating read (if it is accurate, it is even more fascinating). I will not go into the individual people here because they change over the course of the story and it is better to see their arcs as and when you read the book. There is unrest politically and within the powers struggling for control of the functioning of the hotel. I would recommend it as a lighter read for someone looking for historical fiction that does not really have a mystery at its heart or even the war and is more like a drama within the framework provided.

P.S: This is a pre-scheduled post that I am setting to post when I am travelling, I might get to the comments a little later than usual but I will be (probably more than) periodically checking the blog.

2 thoughts on “One Enchanted Evening by Anton du Beke”

  1. Fascinating review, as you had no prior knowledge of the author. (He is a long-time dancer on the entertainment show Strictly Come Dancing.) It sounds fun; sometimes lighter historical reading is exactly what I need!

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