Perfectly Good Crime (Kate Bradley Mystery #2) by Dete Meserve


Narrator:  Sarah Naughton

When I downloaded this into my KU queue, I noticed that the first book was now a NetFlix movie and the book itself was not as highly rated as the second one. This meant I could take the easy way out and watch one. I do not do this sort of this often, but sometimes I give in to that voice that recommends such short-cuts.

I liked the movie and was actually surprised at the ethnicity of the leading lady when I started listening to the book(you would understand this by checking out the trailer of the movie and reading the books! The narrator did maintain the tone of the actress in the movie. I tend to have loyalty to those versions that get to me first, something that has both good and bad effects. Prior information, from the first book, is not completely necessary since the salient points are repeated. Kate Bradley has stumbled on a case which she initially branded as a celebrity case, not worth her time and effort. When her source gives her the inside look at some information that sends her on a whole new escapade.

I, unfortunately, guessed right off the bat who the culprit was and therefore spent the entire book expecting the other shoe to drop. Otherwise, the narration, the characters and the case itself were interesting and fun. It tackled a few deeper issues but for the most part, was a lighter version of it all. I recommend it for those on the lookout for a cozy mystery with political shadings.

My last KU review was: The Beautiful Strangers by Camille Di Maio and my queue now looks like this:

18006728 40723787 29643051 Crooked Street (Frost Easton #3) 42632584  40173806 39720519 40947888 37881225 42800685

P.S: This is a pre-scheduled post that I am setting to post when I am travelling, I might get to the comments a little later than usual but I will be (probably more than) periodically checking the blog.

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