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A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart


I read this book in one evening. I slept at 2 AM just so that I could see the happy ending through my tears. I even showed my husband (yes, I continue to use him as a guinea pig to gauge my emotional reactions with an uninterested party) ‘the’ scene before the last chapter and he felt the pull even without prior introduction.

I will, however, introduce you to the families involved just like I proceeded to do in real life once I turned the last page. I had to talk about the people I got to know in this book. We have Alex as our main protagonist. He is floundering, and ups and leaves whenever he feels like he is mishandling the situation with his son. Sam, his son is autistic, he clings to his mother Jody for emotional support but Jody feels overworked and burnt out. Jody’s friend Clare and her family seem to be functioning well and Dan who is Alex’s friend seems to be living the high life but everyone always has their own story. The overall story may have a predictable ending and Alex’s sobbing and occasional burrowing into his own despair may seem a little annoying considering how hard everyone else has been working. This just makes him all the more believable and the family’s arc to finding a new normal seemed realistic and befitting an ‘Uplit’ tag.

I cannot believe a copy of this book was lounging on my local library shelf for two years and I never stumbled across it. The only reason I was sure about the author was because of the buzz around his latest book that came out last year (or so). I highly recommend reading this, mostly because it is rare(only happened once or twice before) for me to come across a book written by a man, about an emotionally weak man who learns through the journey in the book and goes on to do good. The ones I have come across usually lurk in the thriller genre or have a woman protagonist even if the author is not.

P.S: This is a pre-scheduled post that I am setting to post when I am travelling, I might get to the comments a little later than usual but I will be (probably more than) periodically checking the blog.

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