Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey #1) by Dorothy L. Sayers

I am at the end of one leg of my ‘holiday’ as I head to India for the next month. I will be reading and reviewing with some regularity in between but in the meantime, I have listened to three audiobooks while I site-saw(if that is the allowed past tense of site-see) by my self) I will be scheduling them a couple of hours apart and will put my latest kindle unlimited queue at the end of the last one since it would not make much sense otherwise.


Narrator:  Guy Mott

This book can be added to my #BritishCrimeClassicsChallenge, do check out the page for further information.

This was written by an author relatively unknown to me. I have seen her being reviewed by some of the more serious old classic crime book bloggers and when I saw an audio-ready version I had to give it a shot. I can see the charm of the writer an the lead protagonist, a (popularly considered as) bored second son who has to claims to his time and therefore chooses to employ his racing mind to crime solving. This is a particularly interesting case or to be specific: two interesting cases. One is of a missing man and another of a body with missing clothes and identity. They may or may not be connected. The narration has a comic tinge while making subtle jabs at the customs of the people of the time.

Lord Peter Wimsey is a good character but definitely, one that grows(or would grow on me a couple of more books into the series) on you. Although not as conceited as some of our other more famous detectives he has his own annoying behaviours. The case is relatively simple once you make all the connections and easy to follow in terms of where the minds of Lord Wimsey and his detective friend lead us to. I did not find another in Kindle Unlimited so, at this time, I will not be proceeding with this particular series but might try something else by the author given a chance. Maybe if I find the books in the library I just might keep going.

I liked the book, just not the same way I like some other books of that time and age. Although, I am sure that I might like the next few more than I did this one. The people are endearingly upfront about their thoughts and eccentricities which makes for delightful reading/listening. I think the narrator did a very good job indeed.

My last KU post was: The Winemaker’s Secret (Starlight Cove #2) by Cynthia Ellingsen and let me take a minute to redirect you to my favourite post as of now (for the year): Mid Year Stats 2019

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