Forgotten Secrets (Singing River Legacy #1) by Robin Perini


Narrator: Lauren Ezzo

I need to start this review with the fact that the narrator did a fabulous job of doing so many varied voices that I could keep track of all the people without much effort. I knew where in the timeline I was and who was talking even without the prompt at the end which came with the name in it.

This book falls along the lines of many of the thrillers I review on my blog. It is also a well-written one with an ambience throughout the book of lingering menace. Singing River is a reasonably peaceful place with low-level crime and one of the leading families of town is facing a series of ill health forcing one of them to come back and take a role he never saw himself in.

There is a sudden kidnapping that occurs which brings an FBI agent to town. She’s there for personal reasons and is a very interesting character. Riley is haunted by a past which has fuel being poured in by her parents. At times, their behaviour borders on unimaginable/unbelievable but other than that, the multiple mysteries being tackled in the story are done well. The Blackwood family is the typical happy local family with troubles but bonds strong enough to weather them. There are a lot of things happening in the book and most of them resolve themselves by the end of it. I would recommend this series for anyone on the lookout for a new series featuring a dynamic duo and a lot of action.

P.S: have you seen my Mid Year Stats 2019 yet?

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