Strangled Eggs and Ham (Country Store Mysteries #6) by Maddie Day

This book is up for request till the 28th of June 2019

I had to ask myself why I requested a book which was well into a series, something I hardly ever do. Most cozy mysteries require a deep-rooted emotional attachment to the lead characters in order to wade your way through the tale. Starting part way after most important connections and attitude forming events have already occurred is usually a bad idea.

I wonder if you noticed the use of the word ‘usually’, because this time it was not the case. This sixth book of the series is strong enough on its own to hold your attention and tell you a complete story. We meet our leading lady at the beach, she has already obtained a name for herself as an amateur sleuth and with her connection to the murder that occurs (it happens well after the beach scene), ensures no one questions her poking around while trying to figure the solution out. The town is currently in the grips of a dilemma, there is a resort being proposed which will bring in work for the locals but on the other end, it will cause destruction of natural resources. Robbie is mentally for the resort and its possible benefits but all her near and dear are against so she keeps her counsel while watching it all play out. The death may or may not make much sense once everything is revealed but the daily nitty-gritty of running a local B&B and all the ‘local’ vs non-local lingo as well as thought process are what I enjoyed about the book. The explanations given for the mystery part of the tale are pretty standard and follow a linear path.

The narrative is interesting and keeps you engaged and the bonus are recipes for all the interesting stuff they cook up in the kitchen some of which I can adapt into a vegetarian version for myself, something I intend to do in the near future!

I received an advance copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.

P.S: The publishers auto-approved me on NetGalley meaning I have ready access if I want to read their books which does not bode well for my TBR in the future! Also, I stopped saying unbiased in my disclaimer above(and have not used it for quite a while) because I realized I will always have some bias based on the kind of person I am or the mood but the review is truthfully based on my reading experience and not the lack of bias or how I accessed the said book!

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