Drama, Mystery

Death in Avignon (Penelope Kite #2) by Serena Kent

I have been on a spree of reading cozy mysteries as I lounge at my parent’s home with no other pressing engagements, other than polishing off the huge number of books that I somehow decided was a good idea to stack up on my to-read shelf.


One thing that I have going for me at this time is that despite picking up books with a similar tone, the contents of the stories and the rich layered backgrounds are making for interesting reading.

This particular book was no different, in being different that is. The entire book is set in France and the love that the lead protagonist feels for her new life is very vividly described. We meet middle-aged, step-grandmother to young kids Penny Kite. This is the second book of the series but we get a good dose of information regarding the previous case and all the people involved. The characters were all not remarkably likeable: the children are selfish and mean, the local friend is catty for the most part, the love interest is distracted and does not say much, Penny is self-conscious constantly and even the good friend embarrasses her more than helps her. One of these things and not all added to the times that all of the above characters behaved well would have been nicer. The case was solid and well done. The reasoning will not be obvious until the players start to describe it themselves.

If I was not bogged down by all the negativity floating around (something which I cannot deny makes it more authentic and possible), I would have enjoyed it more. I read it slower than others trying to ensure I was not letting the speed of the tale influence my reactions. I would recommend this to those people looking for a cozy mystery without quirky characters, just realistic ones and a more intricate case than usual.

I received an advance copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is completely based on my own reading experience.

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