Chick lit, Drama

Foxglove Farm by Christie Barlow

This book is still up for request on NetGalley as of the publication of this post

Once again I was taken in by the cover. As I have been reading a lot the past couple of days, I thought I would slow down with a light and happy story about a farm and its inhabitants. This had a lot more conflict and stumbling blocks thrown into this than expected and was not exactly the light read I was imagining it to be. That may be the only reason I rated it lower than anyone else reading it would.

Isla wakes up one day to find out her life is not as rosy as it seemed, she is a stay-at-home mom to two boys, one still in the gurgling stage. She has a close-knit set of friends who are all interdependent in terms of staying afloat financially as well as mentally. On a single day, a lot of things go wrong, there is a question about alpacas, a storm and bills (a lot of them) as well as a surprise guest (or two). Isla and her family try to talk and work together and beat the odds. It contains a lot of detail in terms of the struggle that they go through.  There is a mystery as well, parts of which I guessed and others that surprised me. More than the mystery it showcased the daily struggles of anyone in the farming industry and how easy it is to go into losses and be afraid for their daily ways of living. It is an encouraging and overall positive read and something which shows the light at the end of any struggle.

I would recommend this to readers of this genre and who like stories about people and their friends.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and publishers but the review is completely based on my reading experience.

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