Children's fiction, Short Stories

A Curious Place by Barbara Woodward

This is another experimental book that I had on my list for far too long and I should have gotten to sooner, especially since it was a morsel of a book for an adult. This is a fun set of fiction for children with the predominant focus being on kindness to animals and other people. It has four stories

  1. Is of a little girl who adventurously decides to rescue an animal
  2. Is of an old lady facing eviction from her life which she is fond of
  3. Is of siblings floundering before being magically saved
  4. Is of a boy, lost in his anger over his deformity.

All four stories are short but descriptive and have a very encouraging message overall. They are lightly written and do not have any complications that could confuse them.

I guessed the turn of events for a few things but since I am not the target audience, it does not matter much. It might even be helpful for children to figure out the pattern of stories.

I would definitely recommend this book to be either read to or read by kids and maybe even slightly older people.

I received an advance copy thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but this review is purely based on my own reading experience.

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